About News From Fashion

News From Fashion is a new place where illustrator Angéline Mélin share her fashion vision and parisian lifestyle through her drawings, day after day. Each one of you can also participate leaving your comments about your fashionnistic point of view. This is the shoppaholic meeting !

About me

I'm Angéline, I'm 23 years old and I've got a small addiction for fashion ! (ok, big ! Especially since Louboutin and Balenciaga became my fashionistic mentors ..!)

I have always loving to draw, that's why I learnt three years in an arts school. Then, I went to a french fashion high school : the Studio Berçot, in Paris. There, I've done my proof and the electrochoc took place : fashion and me, it's for life.

Today, I work for edition (book "Les tortures de la mode" Gawsewitch edition, written by Caroline de Surany), for the press ("Jeune & Jolie" magazine), for the ad (English gin "Beefeater"), for the web : Do it in Paris( www.doitinparis.com ),Amelie boutique (www.amelieboutique.com), La vendeuse d'images (www.lavendeusedimages.com), Les trouvailles d'Elsa (www.lestrouvaillesdelsa.fr), Prestigium et Net-a-Porter (www.prestigium.com et www.netaporter.com)..., conception of illustrations for "Alysi" tees collection pap summer09.